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The Hancock Day School prekindergarten curriculum provides a caring and safe education environment where elementary school learning is fun. The open-mindedness that comes with Hancock Day School being a private school encourages emphasis on the social, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of each individual child.


  • Develop awareness of numerals through oral counting, recognition skills, and 1-to-1 correspondence
  • Cultivate recognition of basic shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns, comprehension of ordinal positions, introduction of simple measurements, and addition facts
  • Use attribute strategies for grouping perception
  • Increase insight of numeral meaning with the use of extensive and diverse manipulatives


Language Arts

  • Develop print awareness, phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge, and make comparisons of similarities and differences
  • Use oral comprehension strategies for memorization of songs, poems, and nursery rhymes
  • Apply vocabulary and listening strategies for oral comprehension of consonant sounds to develop reading readiness


Social Studies

  • Develop knowledge in areas of weather, our community, and our community helpers
  • Learn about differences in holidays, people, and places in our world
  • Improve communication skills by asking and answering questions, interpreting main ideas in stories, sharing ideas with peers, and using good manners



  • Develop understanding of the five senses, the environment, seasons, seeds, and plants
  • Foster interest in animals and their habitat as well as insects and spiders
  • Use hands-on experiments with magnets, mixing primary colors, flower gardening, and tasting foods
  • Build vocabulary by using scientific terms and encouraging their usage

prekindergarten group of kids outside holding teddy bears

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