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What is the application process at Hancock Day School?
The first step in applying to Hancock Day School in Savannah is to call the school office to set up a tour. Testing and evaluation screenings are scheduled during January and February each year. Prior to your scheduled appointment for screening, a student application will need to be completed and turned in to the school office.

Can prospective parents visit a classroom?
A scheduled tour will give prospective parents an opportunity to visit the classrooms at the school.

Does Hancock Day School have financial aid?
Please refer to the Georgia Private School Tax Credit (SSO) section on our website.

How do I arrange a tour?
Call the Hancock Day School office at 351-4500 to schedule a tour of the school or to have an application packet mailed.

How can I set up screening for my child if we cannot attend on scheduled screening days?
Call the school office to set up an appointment for your child to be screened. Your child will be evaluated on a one-to-one basis by either an administrator or teacher.

What type of curriculum does Hancock Day School implement?
The curriculum at Hancock Day School utilizes a back-to-basics approach to education. Our program implements a strong phonics method for reading and an enriched comprehension program. Creative writing skills are taught at all grade levels, and an English grammar curriculum is included in all aspects of learning. Hancock Day School also offers a challenging math program and hands-on science courses.

What does the application screening cover?
Preschool and kindergarten candidates are assessed on basic readiness skills such as counting, simple addition and subtraction, and alphabet sounds. All other students are administered reading and math tests and are required to produce a writing sample.


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