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Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

Hancock Day School develops the whole student by instilling values, knowledge, and skills to become an independent, self-reliant, lifelong learner with strength of character to make positive contributions in our ever-changing world.

Our Vision

We believe that the greatest gift that we can give our students is roots to grow and wings to fly.

Monthly Virtues

Taking ownership
Working with one another
Honoring oneself and those around you
Being grateful for what you have
Being true to yourself and doing what’s right
Understanding that we all are unique
Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes
Having inner strength
Being self-reliant


Present from the moment you walk through our doors, “The Hancock Way” summarizes what it means to be a part of our school community.  A guiding set of ideals upheld and practiced in every aspect of our school, this philosophy includes the values that Hancock Day School is known for – Respect, Responsibility, Discipline, Character, and Excellence.  These foundational values serve as the “roots” we base each student’s education in, adding a personalized instructional experience led by experienced teachers to create the “wings” our students fly with.

Community is key: Teachers and parents together form the foundation for this exceptional learning experience.  Nurturing the virtues of honor and character in our students intentionally develops the whole child, and the collaboration from home to school builds the consistent and solid foundation our students thrive from.  From this foundation, students explore and develop the joys of learning, fostering the seeds to grow a passion for lifelong learning.  God’s given talents are released and create awesome results.

Hancock Day School offers a carefully planned, frequently reviewed curriculum, professional excellence in its faculty, and continual guidance for each student in all aspects of the student’s school experience.  High standards for student behavior and appearance contribute to the development of individual self-esteem as well as a sense of individual and community responsibility. The school strives in its program to promote and encourage students to wisely use their hard earned skills to become independent, self-reliant, lifelong learners with the strength of character to make positive contributions in our ever-changing world.