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The Hancock Way

The Hancock Way

For over 50 years, Hancock has been extremely successful in providing our students with a solid educational foundation.  Whenever we try to explain how we accomplish this, invariably the words “The Hancock Way” are used. The logical question that follows is:  “What is the Hancock Way?” It is not easy to explain Hancock and the Hancock way unless you have actually experienced it. It is a combination of so many factors, some that are tangible and some that are not.  It is a feeling, an approach, an attitude, a philosophy, a mind-set, and an atmosphere. There is a uniqueness and a quaintness that sets Hancock apart from other schools. That uniqueness is expressed in the values we hold.


Respect Service Learning Family
Community Joy of learning Integrity
Honor Character Nurture
Excellence Responsibility Discipline
Individuality Flexibility Empowerment
Empathy Compassion Acceptance


“Mind your manners” is a slogan embodying the “do unto others” principle in the way we interact as a family oriented community.

We intentionally develop the joy of learning to provide the basis of life long learning.

We nurture honor and character in our students to develop excellence in the whole person.

We practice discipline to reinforce a sense of responsibility in each student.

Because we value the individuality of each student, teachers are empowered to be flexible to adapt teaching methods to their individual needs.

We approach each situation with compassion for the others.  …We mind our manners.


How do we implement the Hancock Way practically?

  • Teachers are the key
  • Structure is the foundation
  • Releasing the children’s God given talents creates the awesome results.
  • Reinforcing the family atmosphere provides the nurturing environment for learning.

Hancock teachers are trusted to teach using their own creativity and techniques to get the curriculum objectives across to their students.  They teach free of unnecessary mandates, red-tape, frivolous rules and busy work. They are allowed much autonomy. They are greatly appreciated and respected by the administration and Board.  Scheduling is carefully done in order to “protect” teaching time. They are indeed a dedicated and talented group of educators. They are certainly an important part of the “Hancock Way.”

Another factor in the “Hancock Way” is structure.  Structure is not a bad word to us. It has been proven that our orderly classroom procedures create a learning environment that works and nurtures our students.  There are rules and expectations that are in place that put our children on the right path to learning. Structure and consistency contribute to a safe, nurturing environment.

Our Articles of Incorporation state that, “The corporation’s purpose and curriculum shall be premised on (a) Judeo-Christian principles, (b) a fundamental education in the areas of reading, writing, and arithmetic, science and the arts, and (c) the emphasis of moral character and integrity in its students, faculty and staff.“  Where God is present in everything that is done and family is valued and parents are considered an important part of the educational team, students can thrive.  Yes, all of these things are a part of the “Hancock Way.”

Another factor in the “Hancock Way” is that we use textbooks from many different publishers.  Over the years, we found out that one publisher did not meet our goals, so we chose the best of several.  This has produced a curriculum that is strong and vital. Each book is chosen for a reason and teachers are expected to teach what is in that book.

The “Hancock Way” produces students who have mastered the skills that are important and necessary for their grade level and their future.  Our curriculum is challenging, however, it meets the needs of our students and we refuse to “water it down.” We have students who understand that they must “reach” a bit to succeed and who know that they have to earn their grades.  We also have students who are mannerly, kind, and respectful.  They respect their teachers and know they have the support of everyone on campus.  They have the Hancock family behind them. Our students know that they have what it takes to succeed and that they can “fly.”  

We also encourage our teachers to learn and grow their professional skills; as Mrs. Emmie Ruth Hancock, the founder of our school always said, “We need to grow a little new wood each day.”  We encourage our teachers and build them up. We endeavor to facilitate that growth by providing workshops, bringing in speakers, and making our teachers aware of research in education and philosophies which in turn generate thought, discussions, and new teaching ideas.    The administration recognizes the difficulty of the teachers’ jobs and supports them in any way possible.

Rest assured that the “Hancock Way” will not go by the wayside.  It is who we are. Maybe it is difficult to explain, but it is there in each and every student who goes through our grades, and it is in the heart of every teacher.  Our students will continue to be given roots to grow and wings to fly!