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Prekindergarten & Kindergarten

Hancock students begin their education in a warm and caring environment designed to spark their natural curiosity and make learning fun. Each child’s social, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth are fostered in this loving, supportive environment. There is a strong focus on early readiness skills, phonics, reading, math and social sciences.  All of these core areas are supported through cross-curricular connections to art, physical education, music, Spanish, and technology.

Language Arts

Students develop print awareness, phonemic awareness, and alphabet knowledge. Additionally, students use oral comprehension strategies for memorization of songs, poems, and nursery rhymes. Reading readiness is an area of emphasis, and students apply vocabulary and listening strategies for oral comprehension.


In math, students develop awareness of numerals through oral counting and 1-to-1 correspondence.  The use of extensive and diverse manipulatives helps students to gain insight into numeral meaning. Teachers also work to cultivate a recognition of basic shapes, colors, and patterns. Addition and basic measurement are also introduced.

Science & Social Studies

Students learn to explore the world around them through our use of the outdoor classroom as well as hands-on experiments with magnets, mixing primary colors, flower gardening, and tasting foods. Animal habitats, the five senses, weather, and seasons are other areas of emphasis. Students also explore differences in holidays, people, and places in our world as they learn to ask and answer questions, interpret the main idea, share ideas with peers, and use good manners.

Language Arts

Reading fluency and comprehension are enhanced through careful daily practice. Students also learn to communicate effectively in writing and speaking, and an emphasis is placed on phonemic and phonological awareness.


Our students begin to understand the meanings, uses, and representations of numbers during their kindergarten year. They also investigate the characteristics and properties of geometric shapes and learn to analyze and interpret data. Patterns, measurement, addition, and subtraction are also introduced.

Science & Social Studies

Kindergarteners learn to investigate, observe, and ask questions as they begin to understand the people and events celebrated by national and religious holidays. They also begin to identify American symbols and understand their meaning. Other highlights include locating objects on maps and developing an understanding of weather, seasons, the five senses, landforms, and habitats.