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Hancock Fund

With the help of the Hancock Fund, we are able to provide our teachers and students with the educational tools they need to stay abreast of new technology in the classroom; continue to update the science curriculum; enhance music and arts; expand the middle school; and offer professional growth opportunities for faculty.

We encourage you to make a donation to The Hancock Fund. Supporting Hancock Day School enables the school to move forward and accomplish all that we envision for our students of today and tomorrow.

Naming Opportunities

Hancock Day School offers its supporters a variety of ways to donate to the school, including naming opportunities. Below is a list of naming opportunities that are available. For more information, please call Donna Davis at (912) 351-4500 or email ddavis@hancockdayschool.org.

Naming Opportunities at New School

  • Middle School Building __ $500,000
  • Primary School Building — $250,000
  • Lower School Building — $250,000
  • Cafeteria — $75,000
  • Classrooms — $20,000

Jim Hoye

Hancock Day School
(912) 351-4500

Hancock Day School is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.